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There hasn’t been much news recently about the Amarok as it pertains to Canada and what little news that I have found is depressing. There was an article posted on, that talked about the return of compact pickups. The author reached out to Thomas Tetzlaff of VW Canada to comment on why the Amarok isn’t available in Canada.

Tetzlaff indicated that current government regulations make the introduction not feasible. Other than the Chicken Tax south of the border, what regulations play into this? If you know feel free to drop me a line.

I corresponded with a reader who wanted to know if I had any knowledge of the Autostadt in Germany. Other than knowing that it is possible to take an Amarok around the track there, I know very little. He indicated that he was going to be in Germany later this month and would try to get out in an Amarok and send along some photos.

For the moment, there may not be too many updates unless something changes in the market. I will keep the blog open for the next few months, but unless something changes I do not see any benefit in keeping it open long term.

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  1. Andreas says:

    I did the offroad track in Wolfsburg twice. First time in 2009 with a Touareg and the second time in 2013 (after picking up my Amarok from the facility in Hannover) with an Amarok. It’s a nice thing to get to know the car. I didn’t drove such a terrain afterwards (except during an offroad event with a Hummer H1).

    Here are the details if anyone is visiting Wolfsburg

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