VW Explores Vans and Pickups to Broaden U.S. Customer Appeal

I took the headline directly from the first article that came out recently as a result of a press conference held in Hannover, Germany.

When I saw this last week while I was on vacation, I immediately emailed the author, Christoph Rauwald from Bloomberg Business, who was in Hannover and asked the obvious question, “How will VW avoid the Chicken Tax?” His response was that he asked VW exactly that. However they didn’t want to comment, they were still examining options and that there was no decision yet.

I waited a few days before posting this, hoping that more information might come out, but nothing concrete has. An article on Jalopnik, indicates that VW has plenty of manufacturing capability in North America and that this might be how they get around the Chicken Tax.

However for the moment, there is nothing new, just more rumours. If you hear anything, please drop me an email.


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