More non-news about VW considering adding a Pickup and Van to the US Lineup

There have been several additional stories being circulated about VW considering adding a Pickup Truck and/or a Van to the US lineup. I can’t really see anything new in any of these articles, for the most part they just seem to be re-hashes of the articles from a month ago.

I saw one article that quotes VW salespeople saying that they would welcome them with open arms, however at this point the chicken tax is still a problem. There is also the fact that VW is investing approximately seven billion dollars in North America. The Chattanooga plate is being reworked to produce a SUV in addition to the Passat, perhaps they could squeeze in some trucks or vans at the same time.

For the moment, there is no real news at this point, just plenty of speculation.

However I have an idea for VW. Build your vans and trucks where ever. Bolt the front seats of a Passat into the bed and ship them to Chattanooga, at that point they are passenger vehicles and not trucks, think the Subaru BRAT. In Chattanooga, pull the seats out and put them in Passats. Now you have trucks and vans that have circumvented the chicken tax. Also unlike Ford who does or did the same thing with their small vans, you won’t be shredding the extra seats.


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