Demand for the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon

So I have been meaning to go and have a closer look at one of these trucks for a while, but since I am not in a huge rush and since I still really want an Amarok, I’ve been putting it off.

I have seen a couple of articles over on Jalopnik that I found interesting.

The first article was posted a few days ago and indicated that Canadian demand was high enough that currently there are approximately 400 orders that can’t be produced as 2015MY vehicles and that they will be delivered as 2016MY, but at 2015MY prices. The delay for these have also gone beyond 12 weeks. If I was one of those 400, I would be calling my dealership and asking for the diesel in my as yet unbuilt and undelivered 201?MY truck.

The second article was part of news roundup published today, it indicated that demand for the truck is so high that GM has modified the schedule to avoid a six minute lull in production between shift, so this translates to an extra 18 minutes a day for the three shifts and this in turn translates to an extra 3500 trucks a year.

Given this information, I have to say, VW there is demand, bring us the Amarok.

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