Amaroks spied testing in Arizona

There is a brief article over on The Fast Lane Truck ( that shows us a few photos of Amaroks spotted in Arizona. They also mention that  the Chicken Tax is supposed to go away in the near future.

If there was only a single Amarok, I would chalk it up to someone visiting from Mexico or perhaps that picture even being taken in Mexico. However in this case there are three Amaroks shown in the photo and there is a sign in a couple of the photos that is in English, as opposed to Spanish. So it is very likely that these photos were indeed taken in Arizona.

Not certain if this is a sign of things to come, but with the new baby diesel coming to the Chevy/GM twins, this may be a sign that VW is looking closer at the American market.

At one point in the past VW went on record indicating that they would have to be able to sell 100,000 Amaroks to consider entering the American market. If you look at the monthly sales numbers for July 2015 compiled by, you will see that the new Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon are currently selling almost 10,000 units a month. Also the old Toyota Tacoma is selling over 15,000 units a month. If VW were to enter the market and sell similar numbers, they would hit their 100,000 vehicle number. I also wonder how the removal of the chicken tax would affect the number that they have to sell to break even.



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