Amarok Living in Ontario

So I was contacted by a reader, who I will identify as Jim. Jim’s father lives and works both in Mexico and Ontario and as a result has driven his Mexican plated Amarok to Ontario. The vehicle spends a fair bit of time in Ontario, but typically returns to Mexico each year. It’s Mexican insurance includes full North American coverage. He indicated that he can get about 1100-1200km out of his 80 litre tank.

So if you see the Amarok pictured below driving around Ontario it could be Jim or his father. Jim was also nice enough to offer to let me drive it, but he is about a 7 hour drive away, so a little bit excessive.

Jim, enjoy the truck, I also stripped the EXIF data out of the photo you provided before I posted it, there was enough information in the geotagged photo taken on an iPhone 6 to give me the exact location where the photo was taken. Also thanks for the photo.


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  1. Dylan says:

    Saw an amarok on the 401 near Brampton Ontario heading east to Toronto. I didn’t recognize the plates, assumed they were from the states. But now that I’ve seen this post I bet it was this truck!

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