Worthless Update?

Another work trip is coming to a close and I didn’t see any Amaroks. I’ve been in Phoenix for the last week, my arrival was late due to mechanical problems on a connecting flight and my rental car was missing. I was told to take any car that I wanted out of the ‘trade vehicle’ line. There was a blue Mustang that I have to say was one of the worst colours I have ever seen on a car. It just didn’t belong on a Mustang, it might have worked on a different type of vehicle, just not on that Mustang. I did see a couple of Mexican plated vehicles on the highway, I’m about 200km from the Mexican border but nothing I really wanted to see.

I’ve been following the news of the Amarok as best as I can, I see different news articles almost everyday, but none of them mention if the Amarok will soon be available in Canada. One of the more interesting blogs that I have seen talked about the shift of manufacturing to Germany for certain models of the Amarok, specifically the higher end models. Until now the Amarok was build exclusively in Argentina. The blog went on to mention some of the updates that would be present for the 2013 model year, including things like ParkPilot, cornering heading lights, and a few features. It also indicated that VW has mentioned that the price for a single cab Amarok would be €19,835 ($24,540CDN) and a double cab starting at €22,610 ($27,973CDN).

I went to both the Canadian and German VW websites and did a comparison on the base model of the Golf GTI, in Germany the base model was listed at  €27,700 ($34271CDN) while the Canadian price was $29,375CDN. I just selected the base model of the Golf GTI in both countries, I do not know if there is a huge difference between the two or not. I also realize that there are probably about a million different laws in both countries that will affect the price because of taxes. Also since the Amarok is a truck, it may require optional equipment for road use here in Canada. However still a nice quick calculation to run the numbers and hope that we can get a base model TDI for a reasonable price.

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