Golf Maintenance Failure

A couple of months ago, my girlfriend’s City Golf was in for maintenance, in which all four wheels were removed. Normally I would have re-torqued the wheels after a few days, but with a busy travel schedule it got missed. As we were driving around Prince Edward Island a couple of days ago a shimmy started to develop in the front end. We stopped on the side of the road to do a quick inspection, nothing obvious. After a few minutes we stopped at a gas station and checked a bit closer, but again didn’t see anything. As we were passing through Charlottetown it seemed to be getting a bit worse. We stopped on a side road and debated continuing to our hotel where I was going to pop off the front wheels to have a closer look, which would have fixed the problem.

As we checked the GPS for the nearest garage, we actually found that Brown’s Volkswagen was the closest and just around the corner. We quickly headed over and one of the mechanics took the car for a drive. I had mentioned about the previous work and he asked if the wheels had been re-torqued. When I told him no, he indicated that the wheels were falling off. Back at the dealership he popped off the wheels to check for damage and then tightened them into place. Indicating that we should come back after 100-200 km to recheck the wheels. I was really impressed by the treatment that we received. Hopefully when I get an Amarok, I will find a dealership that is as friendly to work with, except driving from Ottawa to Charlottetown for an oil change wouldn’t work well.

While I was waiting for the wheels to be inspected I went and talked to the salesmen about all things Amarok. They didn’t really know anything that I haven’t seen in the news or on the occasional blog. They did tell me that the Tiguan TDI should be available in a couple of years and the Amarok is still an unknown. They did indicate that the starting cost would be close to that of the Touareg.

So still no definitive answers or news yet. I still want to play a visit to a dealership in Ottawa and see what they have heard.

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