Amarok Mods

There are several different types of people when it comes to vehicles. There are those that use it to get from point A to point B, others want to pass through point C on their way to point B and point C is on some out of the way rock strewn trail. Then there is also those people that either on their way to point C or point B find a need to have their vehicle go a bit faster or have a bit more clearance.

Some of the links that I have posted in the past show custom builds and companies such as ARB have bumpers and other stuff ready for the Amarok, the real question will be how long before we see these parts in Canada once the Amarok hits the street. ARB and others already have distribution channels so hopefully it won’t be long. I looked long and had at an ARB bumper for my current vehicle, but went a different route when I had an up close and personal event with a mini van in an intersection. I do however have an on board air compressor installed which is great.

I also saw today, in an article, that VW Group tuner Revo has released stage one software for the Amarok that will help with just about everything from fuel economy to horse power and torque.

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