VW Amarok on Top Gear – Down Under

Okay some of my favourite TV shows come out of the UK, so when I was searching on youtube for Amarok videos I was intrigued to see mention of an Amarok on Top Gear. I clicked the link and quickly thought to myself, who are these blokes? I never even realized that there was a version of Top Gear filmed in Australia, but yet here I was watching a clip from the show. There were two 10 minute videos on youtube that showed the Amarok being put through its paces in a four wheel drive race. Except the other vehicle was an Audi R8 worth $400,000. The Audi took the long way around about 350km while the guys in the ‘rok took the over the mountain path that was only about 120km.

The Audi took the race, but the truck made it to the destination as well in fine form.

After watch this clip, I have to say I still like Top Gear from the UK.

VW Amarok vs Audi R8 V10 on Top Gear Part 1 and Part 2

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